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spend wisely

A small Chevrolet dealership in Montana recently enlisted our services to help them determine how to spend their very limited marketing budget. After analyzing the data in their Google Analytics, we were able to show exactly which vendors were bringing quality, engaged traffic, and which were sending junk clicks that weren’t helping the dealership’s bottom line. This dealership saved thousands of dollars per month by getting rid of what wasn’t working, including some expensive, big name vendors. As a bonus, taking that money and putting it into the programs that were producing for them, cultivated more first generation leads from their website, which in turn boosted their sales.

look behind you

A Ford dealership in Las Vegas was able to benefit from our backlink monitoring service. When the website’s quality scores plummeted, a check into their backlinks revealed that they were being unscrupulously targeted by a competitor who was linking X-rated websites to their main dealership website. Quality scores are what Google uses to determine where a site will be returned in an organic search. If the scores go down enough, the dealership disappears from page one of organic searches. We were able to help the dealership disavow these bad links and restore their quality scores, giving them back their organic, page one placement.

Expertise in Data Analysis
“If you work at the parts, the whole will be a success.” —Unknown
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