SEO Report Importance.

Simply creating and implementing an SEO strategy does not guarantee success. In order to develop a truly effective and efficient SEO plan dealers must constantly monitor, maintain, and adjust their efforts to ensure optimal performance. Dealer SEO reports provide the information necessary to understand where online marketing efforts are failing and where they are succeeding. Many dealers simply do not understand the importance of frequent SEO reporting, and by offering dealers a free SEO inspection we aim to improve on and off site optimization, enhance dealer sites, and expand SEO knowledge among the dealer community.

SEO Importance

SEO metrics and analytics can give dealers incredible insight into their target markets and help improve SERP rankings, drive traffic, and increase ROI. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge gained from effective dealer SEO reports significantly alters the marketing game. In today’s vast and digital world staying ahead of the competition is vital to success. The more dealers know about their clientele, the more they can develop targeted campaigns to increase sales and expand their consumer base. With strategic research and a thorough understanding of SEO practices dealers can improve their marketing techniques while minimizing expenditure.

SEO Factors

There are many factors in SEO and without the proper data it is impossible for dealers to pinpoint where they are losing potential sales or making the most conversions. Analytics show dealers how many visitors their site received, which pages were most popular, how visitors found their site, how long people remained on their site, and much more. Knowing where your website traffic is stemming from and what produces the most conversions helps to shift marketing efforts in a more productive direction. If certain keywords are not producing results or if banner ads are costing more than they are worth dealers can redirect funds to improve ROI.

Measure Sales and Conversions

Measure your Sales and Conversions

Not only do dealer SEO reports measure sales and conversions, but they also show dealers how their site is viewed by search engines. This information can give dealers an edge over their competition. Simply having a dealer SEO report though is not enough. Dealers must be able to properly analyze and understand all the various data provided in order to erect meaningful change. Using an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled SEO consultant to manage your dealer’s SEO efforts is a smart investment in your company’s future. Without the ability to create a comprehensive and integrated SEO plan, data reporting and analytics are useless. Dealers must recognize the importance of not only creating, but also maintaining high quality SEO in order to grow their business, increase sales, and remain competitive.

SEO and PPC help to drive traffic, which is crucial to a dealer’s online success, but ultimately it is effective conversion optimization that increases leads and produces subsequent sales. By tracking factors that directly impact their bottom line dealers can begin improving their overall conversion optimization efforts, resulting in more leads and sales. By taking a comprehensive look at the various interactions visitors have with their site before submitting a lead, dealers can better understand how to convert more traffic into sales. Analyzing reports that show dealers each stage of the online car buying process is the most efficient and effective way to improve conversion rates.

Conversion Attribution

Without a thorough understanding of the conversion process many dealers attribute leads and sales to the wrong source. For example, dealers may be attributing most leads to direct and organic traffic when it should actually be attributed to email campaigns or social media advertising. With our free dealer SEO report managers and marketers can easily determine which paths result in the highest conversion rates. Statistics alone do not help dealers improve their bottom line, but with the right dealer SEO report and the right SEO analytics expert, dealers can gain a complete view of their customer’s online journey in order to improve marketing efforts and increase sales.

Conversion Attribution Software

Online marketing is immensely complex and tedious, as are the analytics that help dealers improve on and off site optimization. By reviewing thorough, comprehensive, and straightforward dealer SEO reports managers can begin focusing on what matter most, their bottom line. The ability to look at a customer’s journey in its entirety enables dealers to create far more effective SEO campaigns, improving their conversion rates, and keeping them two steps ahead of the competition.

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